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With approval of Guizhou government, Tongren preschool education college is established in Sept.2012 on the basis of transformation and upgrading of its predecessor Sinan normal school. As the only full-time preschool education college in Tongren city, it locates in Chuandong educational park in the northern suburbs of this city.

It covers an area of 585 Mu, with a building area of 120,000 square meters. There are 9100 students. There are 10 rooms for handcraft making, 300 rooms for piano practice, 20 rooms for dance practice, 160 standard classrooms and 5 lecture halls, many other labs, computer rooms and library and so on.

Now, there are 385 staffs, 142 of whom have Master’s degree. Among all the staffs, 63 are associate professors or above, 62 lecturers, 22 graduates by attending class for further studies on postgraduate’s courses in Beijing normal university and other universities, 2 special-grade teachers, 1 the national first prize winner and 1 the second prize gainer of Zeng xianzi education funds, 4 winners of the provincial outstanding teacher in charge, the provincial May 4th Youth Medal, the province's top ten outstanding youth mention and the province's advanced communist youth league, 3 winners of professional tip-top talents of municipal outstanding contribution prize, 10 the first and the second prize winners of municipal literary prize, 4 members of national working committee of middle school, 6 members of Guizhou subject guiding committee of the five-year college education, and 5 group leaders and 8 group members of Centre Group of Guizhou middle-school subject,With a long history, Tongren preschool education college was originally established by Liwei a famous neo-confucianism in Wanli time in Ming Dynasty, and then its name was Weiren Academy.

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